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San Diego Scuba Diving has 20 years of diving experience and 10 years as a PADI certified instructor. Our Goal is not only to pass on our knowledge and experience, but teach safe diving practices to our students and to those who want to experience safe SCUBA diving in San Diego and around the world.

San Diego Scuba Diving is an incredible experience Let Al's Diving /Diving4Less show you the part of San Diego like no one else can. San Diego is the vacation scuba dive capital with La Jolla Cove and the La Jolla Shores being the two most popular dive sites in all San Diego county. While on your vacation join our PADI certified Dive Instructors and Guides and discover the beautiful underwater world of San Diego either at our La Jolla Cove, or the La Jolla Shores or both, La Jolla diving tops many vacationers to do lists here in San Diego.

Al's Diving /Diving4Less and our PADI certified guides will show you the underwater playground we call home, explore Scripps Canyon, La Jolla Shores, La Jolla Cove, or maybe, The Marine Room, a sight named after one of our local restaurants here in San Diego.

Come Dive with us in San Diego (proof of certification is required).

Shirts and Gear , Classes and Tours

Shirts & StuffShirts & StuffDiving4less, Diving in San Diego with Al's Diving. After Diving San Diego with Al's Diving dive Shirts and Stuff are Available for souvenirs of your dive with us. Diving4less will soon offer other dive gear as well since we only want to offer dive equipment the meets or exceeds Industry standards, It will take some time to align ourselves with the right manufactures. Keep coming back and checking or contact us from time to time. ClassesClassesDiving4less PADI Certified dive instructors are waiting to take you on the journey of a life time, learn to dive explore the underwater world of San Diego, move on to advanced diving , or maybe some specialty classes. Then the course most people say is the best class they have ever taken the Rescue course, or the first step to a professional diver the Dive Master course or Instructor. Diving4less dive Instructors will take you as far as you want to go. SpecialtySpecialtySpecialty classes E.F.R., O2, Adaptive Scuba Diving, Taking your diving to another level, you have always wanted more from your diving San Diego , diving specialty courses give you that something more, with E.F.R. first aid, you will learn to be calm, confident in emergencies, help others, Adaptive scuba lets you become more aware and, teaches you to make a change in the lives of those with disabilities,
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